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World-Class Chefs at World-Class Findlay Market

The organizers of Blink 2019, Cincinnati’s light and art festival, recently announced that Jean-Robert de Cavel will be the grand marshal of the Future City Spectacular Parade on October 10. What a perfect choice! Jean-Robert put Cincinnati on the global map in 1993 as Chef de Cuisine of the Mobil 5-Star restaurant Maisonette. He currently owns and operates Jean-Robert’s Table, Le Bar a Boeuf, Frenchie Fresh, Restaurant L, and one of our favorite restaurants right on Elm Street at Findlay Market, French Crust CafĂ© & Bistro. For several years, we have enjoyed including French Crust on some of our food tours. The staff welcomes us with open arms, and the creamy chicken soup never fails to impress. Each of his locations reflects not only his French heritage, but also his innovative spirit. And now, as grand marshal, he can lead the parade as the eyes of the world focus on Cincinnati’s creativity.

The excitement continues to build around Findlay Market. Recently another world-class chef Jose Salazar opened Goose & Elder on the Race Street end of Findlay Market. Jose moved from Queens, NY, to Cincinnati in 2008 to serve as the Executive Chef at The Cincinnatian Hotel and Palace Restaurant. He opened his first restaurant Salazar in 2013 on 14th Street in Over-the-Rhine and then his second called Mita’s in 2015. A James Beard nominee, he too has come to the Findlay Market district to add to the culinary scene with his American comfort food and bar. We’re proud to say that Goose & Elder is now among our food tour partners.

Even though Newsweek only recently named Findlay Market one of the Top 10 Food Markets in the World, these two “homegrown” chefs realized it long ago. The attraction of a 19th century public market that has evolved into a hub for culinary and entrepreneurial innovation was too good to pass up. French Crust Cafe & Bistro and Goose & Elder now serve as bookends for Findlay Market, adding a stamp of approval to the historic preservation and economic investment occurring in the nearby neighborhood.

Two world-class chefs at a world-class market. Cheers to Jean-Robert and Jose!




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