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Lean On Me

a close up of text on a white backgroundIn 1972, Bill Withers released his hit song “Lean On Me.” The lyrics have always taken me back to my high school years and the time when…

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Feed the Ones Who Feed Us

a close up of a shirtHere we go again. We’re beginning the fourth week of Ohio’s Stay-at-Home order. In addition to the stress of social distancing, a lot of people are feeling the financial strain…

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Stronger Together

We’re in Week 3 of learning to live with the COVID-19 situation in Ohio. Week 1 was a bit like a vacation. Schools closed, restaurants and bars changed gears, and people embraced “quality time” at…

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Is a Food Tour Worth the Money?

Are you planning a trip? One of the first steps, of course, is to figure out how much you can afford to spend. Where are you going? How much will it cost to get there? Once you’re there, where will you stay? Will you being eating all your meals in restaurants? Or will you be…

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A Taste of Italy in Over-the-Rhine

The Cincinnati neighborhood is known for its German heritage. But today it is known as one of the most diverse neighborhoods in all of Cincinnati. Historic Findlay Market has become a melting pot of food and culture from around the world. And now, the streets of OTR are scattered with what seems like the United…

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Guest Post–A Food Tour in Slovenia

A WAY TO EXPERIENCE SLOVENIAN FOOD CULTURE IN ONE DAY 1000 years of culinary diversity, 26 gastronomic regions, 3 big winegrowing areas, 365 authentic local dishes, 1 food tour in the tastiest capital in the world. Blessed with a pristinely beautiful natural environment and exceptionally rich cultural heritage, Slovenia is a land of diversity. However,…

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Cincinnati is Cool. Here Are Your Talking Points.

Are you the parent of an out-of town guest who will be visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday? Or maybe YOU are the transplant who has family visiting you here in Cincinnati. Do you cringe when they ask, “What’s so great about Cincinnati?” or “Why do you want to live here?” To relieve the stress, we’ve…

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Exploring Wyoming, Ohio

We’re spreading our wings! From the seeds we planted at Findlay Market in 2012, Cincinnati Food Tours has grown to include Over-the-Rhine,  Walnut Hills, Pendleton, and Mt. Adams, all neighborhoods concentrated around downtown. Now we…

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World-Class Chefs at World-Class Findlay Market

The organizers of Blink 2019, Cincinnati’s light and art festival, recently announced that Jean-Robert de Cavel will be the grand marshal of the Future City Spectacular Parade on October 10. What…

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Play Hooky in Cincinnati

For many of us, this year’s vacation is in the rear view mirror. The start of the school year is any day now, and stores have already started promoting Halloween. The end of summer may be approaching way too fast, but that doesn’t mean you have to cocoon just yet. Just sneak away for a…

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