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Who Takes a Food Tour?


Are you unsure about whether or not a food tour is right for you? Wondering what type of people might be part of your tour group? Wonder no more because these are the kinds of people who book with Cincinnati Food Tours:

1. Couples. Sometimes married, sometimes not.
2. Families. Often parents with adult children.
3. Extended families. Perhaps with grandma or grandpa.
4. Friends. Maybe from high school, college, work, church, or the neighborhood.
5. Singles. Those who like to discover new things and maybe meet new people.
6. Foodies. People interested in cooking or who just love eating out.
7. Tourists. Travelers who want to experience as much of Cincinnati as possible.

Many people join us on our tours to reminisce about Findlay Market or our nearby neighborhoods. Others want to keep up with the latest news about food startups or learn about popular restaurants. Lots of people take our tours just so they will have a guide to lead them around an unfamiliar place. No matter why you choose to do a food tour, you will find all kinds of people there for the same reasons–to share an experience and enjoy some food in a relaxed and casual setting.

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