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Meet Panino

Nino.JPGAt Cincinnati Food Tours, we tell the story of small, independent businesses that find a niche in the local food scene. Panino tells that story as well as anyone, and the note on the menu explains it better than we can:

“if it’s meat and it’s on our menu: we butchered/prepared it ourselves, using only humanely raised animals from local farms. we focus on whole animal butchery and we use the whole damn thing. credit for our hogs goes to dennis wallace and hood’s heritage hogs. credit for ducks and turkeys goes to gunthorp family farm. all produce was either grown by one of our farmers, grown by us, or sourced from a small, local business. credit for bread goes to 16 bricks. honey is from carriage house farm. all cheeses (except parm reg) are local. butter is from minerva dairy. the nature of our craft demands ingredients which are fresh and at their peak. we use ingredients while they are in season and preserve what we can to be enjoyed in the future.”

Owners Nino Loreto and Joe Helm have taken “fresh” and “local” to a whole new level. Try an Italian sandwich, share a charcuterie board, or drool over the animal style kettle chips and you will understand the care that goes into each and every dish served. Supported by a team of hard-working family members, Panino has grown from its seeds as a food truck into a full-scale brick-and-mortar business in the heart of Over-the-Rhine. We love their story, and we’re grateful to Nino and Joe for sharing it with us on our Signature Over-the-Rhine Tours.

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