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The Ultimate Cincinnati Food Gift

cheese tray

Are you looking for a special night out that is more than just your typical restaurant dinner? We recently designed a private tour for two that was essentially a progressive dinner through the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. It turned out even better than we expected so we’ve decided to add Private Tours for Two to our repertoire. Each tour will be custom designed with the interests, tastes, and budget of the buyer in mind. Since we always try to be considerate of restaurant table space, the 4-7 pm time frame on weekdays works best.

For this particular tour, we started at The Rhined where the couple enjoyed three types of locally sourced cheeses as well as the meat and accompaniments shown in the photo above. He opted for an IPA and she enjoyed a glass of wine as we toasted the occasion and eased into the evening.

Then, as we walked to Salazar, we talked about the history and changes taking place in the neighborhood. Approaching Washington Park, we took in the holiday decorations and marveled at Music Hall. Just around the corner, we settled into Salazar where he chose the farm greens salad with apples, cucumbers, marinated manchego cheese, and walnut dressing. She opted for the roasted beets, pears, fennel, frissee starter. Since we decided to eat at the bar, it was only appropriate that we order cocktails, too!

Next we wandered over to Vine Street to pop into Panino at Union Hall. The charcuterie board was as delicious as it was beautiful with house cured meats and local cheeses. And it’s always special when we meet the butcher!

We finished the night at Sartre, one of the newer restaurants in Over-the-Rhine. We chose a tabletop in the bar, and the romantic atmosphere made it the perfect place to end a special night. He chose the pumpkin cake with pomegranates, and she selected the buttermilk panna cotta. Passing plates and sharing bites was the only way to determine that both desserts were “off-the-charts” delicious. 

Of course, you could do this tour on your own. I think our guides add insight to the area and introduce you to restaurants in ways that are just a little different than the usual dining experience. I did my best to avoid being the third wheel on this private tour for two. In fact, we had so much fun talking about food, travels, shared connections, and future tours that the time passed before we knew it. Many smiles and several hugs later, I felt satisfied in knowing I had created a special memory for two delightful new friends.

If you have thoughts of making memories with someone special, just send us a line with your ideas. Private Cincinnati Food Tours for two (or four) start at $100 per person. We love a challenge and always aim to please!


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