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Ohio Food Tours

Barbara Abbott (Canton Food Tours LLC), DiAnn and Mallory Guerrero (Toledo Flavors Food Tours), Bethia Woolf (Columbus Food Adventures) Not pictured: Barb Cooper (Cincinnati Food Tours)

The food tourism industry is growing, and the amount of money that leisure travelers spend on learning about and enjoying unique dining experiences is increasing each year. We’re fortunate to have several well-established food tour companies right here in Ohio. Several of us met recently in Columbus to discuss how we might begin to speak as one voice to shine a spotlight on the culinary adventures that await travelers to the Midwest. Our goal is to form an alliance in order to coordinate activities, pool resources, and promote the entire State of Ohio as a destination for consumers hungry to learn about our history, culture, and people. Look for updates as we move forward, and follow the hashtag #ohiofoodtours on your favorite social media platforms to stay in the loop.

We encourage you to visit the links below and consider an Ohio food tour as part of your next getaway.

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