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Let Cincinnati “Wow” You

South entrance to Findlay Market

Spring is the perfect time to visit Cincinnati and the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. The trees begin to bloom and everything awakens. Colors “pop” as the neighborhood transitions from winter gray to a brighter palette. A tree you didn’t realize was there suddenly catches your eye as the flowers appear.

I like to think our tours offer the same sort of unexpected pleasures. Maybe someone has never been to Findlay Market and has read that it is a “Farmers’ Market.” Yes, we have local farmers who sell at Findlay Market. However, Findlay Market is so much more. Findlay Market is the home of 40 full-time, independent businesses as well as another 50-75 part-time and seasonal vendors. Findlay Market has everything from a sixth-generation family butcher shop to an award-winning chocolate “factory.” Wow!

Maybe another visitor has been hesitant to visit the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Someone who only knows Over-the-Rhine as it was in the early 2000’s might not know what to expect today. Decades of crime, neglect, and decay have given way to an urban renaissance unlike any other in the country. On our tours, we touch on the past, but our focus is on the present with a glimpse into the future as well. Change is happening right before our eyes. Wow!

As for the restaurants, Cincinnati is teeming with unexpected pleasures. Maybe it’s the historic church turned brewpub, the walkup taco window, or the hidden patio that surprises you. What about the food? If you’re expecting Cincinnati chili on our tours, think again. Empanadas, macarons, fried oyster sandwiches, and rotisserie chicken are more likely to be on our menu. Wow!

By the way, we also happen to have a little thing called the Findlay Market Opening Day Parade to kick off the Cincinnati Reds baseball season. You were expecting a couple fire engines and a few politicians? Sorry, but this parade closes major downtown streets and happens to have about 200 units that wind their way past thousands of spectators, declaring Opening Day an unofficial holiday. Wow!

Speaking of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team, not much is expected of them this year. They’ve traded away some veterans and have a roster full of unknown talent. But wait a minute! This is Cincinnati. There could be more to this story than you expect. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll see something that surprises you, something that makes you say “Wow!” It seems only natural in Cincinnati.


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