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If You Build It, They Will Come

Cincinnati has recently launched the Cincinnati Bell Connector, a modern streetcar that makes a 3.6 mile loop from Findlay Market to The Banks. During the first two weeks of operation, more than 100,000 people took a ride and everyone seemed to leave with a positive first impression. The ride is smooth and quiet, the cars are clean and comfortable, and the route takes riders to popular attractions, restaurants, and landmarks without the hassle of driving or parking. What’s not to love?

Since the first seeds were planted that Cincinnati was considering such a modern form of mass transit, we’ve had our eyes on the streetcar. We love our home base at Findlay Market, and we’re comfortable with our walking tours in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. But the Cincinnati culinary scene is so much more than Over-the-Rhine. The entire city is filled with chef-owned and mom-and-pop restaurants and cafes, and each neighborhood features unique establishments that are worthy of visiting. As the name suggests, the Cincinnati Bell Connector will connect us to so much more.

We’re launching our Taste the Streetcar Tour on October 22, and the first five tours are already sold out! But don’t worry, we’ll be offering at least two tours every month and may add a few more once we have all the pieces in place. The tour will begin at Findlay Market with a brief introduction to riding the streetcar. Then we’ll step on to ride to the Central Business District, passing Washington Park, Artworks murals, and historic buildings on our way to The Banks. As we give you a taste of the streetcar, we’ll step off and on four times to sample delicious tastes along the line. Stops will include old favorites like Le’s Pho and Avril-Bleh & Sons, trendier restaurants like D. Burnham’s, and newer businesses like Corkopolis and Lala’s Blissful Bites. Like our other tours, we’ll keep it fresh and share food, culture, and history…only this time, we’ll do it along the rails!

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