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Everyone is an Ambassador in Cincinnati

Recently I put together a last minute tour for a couple of snowbirds from Nova Scotia who were on their way home after wintering in Florida. They had never been to Cincinnati and decided to spend a day or so exploring. They visited Fountain Square and the Contemporary Arts Center and met me at Findlay Market where we visited five merchants for samples and conversation.

Anne and Glenn were very appreciative of the tour and their enthusiasm for the market was obvious. What really stood out, however, was when Anne mentioned how “nice” everyone was in Cincinnati. She specifically said, “Everyone is an ambassador for the city–from the taxi driver, to the hotel concierge, to the stranger on the street that gave us directions.” She went so far as to mention the “city ambassadors” in her TripAdvisor review as well. What a great compliment for our city! And what a great reminder that ALL of us play a role in the impression that out-of-town visitors take home. You’re doing a great job, Cincinnati!


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