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Copycat Recipe Gomez Salsa Turtle

I’m sure at some time you’ve had that urge for a certain menu item at a restaurant, but you didn’t want to go out. Of course, you can call your favorite delivery service and hope the food shows up before your craving disappears. Or you can try to replicate the dish yourself at home after googling “Copy Cat [whatever].”

One of those cravings hit today. I really wanted a Turtle from Gomez Salsa, but I was determined to try to make one at home myself. First, I searched “How to Make a Gomez Salsa Turtle,” and I actually found a video! Next, I checked the pantry and refrigerator to see what ingredients I already had, and then I made a quick trip to the local store to pick up what I was missing. Then, of course, I had to watch the video again to see all the steps. Next came chopping and simmering and layering and hoping that I was doing it right. Then came the crucial step. Folding the “shell” so that everything didn’t fall out. [Fail]. Finally, I heated the skillet and dropped a small amount of cheese on the hot surface before flipping the shell onto the cheese. After a few minutes, I had the finished product, a close representation. But I also had a big mess to clean up.

Next time, I’ll remind myself that it’s not easy to be a copycat. I’ll just head to Gomez Salsa to let them work their magic.

If you’ve never tried a Turtle, or you’re just missing this amazing concoction, join us for the Walnut Hills Food and Drink Tour. They will be happy to satisfy that craving!

a slice of pizza sitting on top of a pan on a stove

Copy Cat Turtle

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The Real Deal