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Are Your Cincinnati Food Tours Accessible?

a close up of a chairAmong the FAQ’s we get at Cincinnati Food Tours are questions like “Are your tours wheelchair-friendly?” or “Are your tours accessible for someone with mobility issues?” The standard answer is that the market house itself is accessible at Findlay Market. However, the aisles are fairly narrow and may be extremely crowded on the weekends. If you use a wheelchair, motorized scooter, or other assistance, we recommend you choose a weekday tour at Findlay Market. Many tours include visits to adjoining storefronts that have a step or two to get into a historic building. If you are unable to navigate the step, we will be happy to bring your sample from these storefront merchants outside to you. The neighborhood tours require more walking, often include stairs, and might be difficult for those with limitations. The Cincinnati Streetcar is fully accessible, but we do a little walking in between stops. Please call Barb at 513-602-5602 regarding specific questions about accessibility.

I never really gave this as much thought as I should have until I ran head-on into the issue last weekend. In what I can only describe as a freak accident, I slipped in a public restroom, broke my ankle, and had surgery the next day. I will now spend the next 6-8 weeks navigating life with a non-weight bearing leg. Having never broken a bone, I am in uncharted waters. But, just like that, I have started noticing things like ramps, steps, floor mats, and fall hazards.

Fortunately, I can still work from my office at home, with my computer and phone, and with the help of my husband and my other guides. This pause allows me the time to reorganize some of our experiences, consider how I might make my walking tours more accessible, and strategize a plan for moving forward as we come out of the pandemic. Life goes on and so does Cincinnati Food Tours.

While I’m on the sidelines, we will continue to have events on our calendar, and my super competent guides are eager to rise to the occasion for small group public and private tours. Don’t hesitate to reach out. I have plenty of time to discuss your ideas!