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11 Reasons to Take a Food Tour

Yesterday was the first day of the eleventh month of the year. When I think back to last year at this time, we had just entertained our 11,000th tour guest. How quickly things change as we struggle through 2020 like so many other businesses.

Still, it’s humbling to think that so many people have chosen to spend a piece of their time with us. Even now, as COVID-19 lurks with uncertainty, it’s reassuring to know that people still dream, plan, and look forward to in-person experiences. New friends and shared conversations taught us a lot about ourselves during the last 8 years. This year, our lessons were different as we learned how to adapt, persevere, and trudge on. We’re grateful for each and every one of you, even more so during these challenging times.

While thinking about how many people we’ve touched with our tours, I started to think about what really motivates someone to book a tour, especially today. I began to make a list. Before I knew it, I had 11 reasons to take a food tour, now or in the future. These reasons are as real today as they were last year.

  1. Discover new-to-you restaurants
  2. Try new menu items
  3. Learn about a particular neighborhood
  4. Impress your date
  5. Meet other foodies
  6. Celebrate a special occasion
  7. Focus on team building
  8. Experience a moveable meal
  9. View historic architecture
  10. Ride the streetcar with a pro
  11. Entertain out-of-town visitors

Our groups may be smaller and our protocols may be different, but we are finding a way to continue to operate.

How did you end up on one of our Cincinnati Food Tours? What made you click the Book Now button? What will convince you to come back again? I’d love to see your comments below.