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Meet the Cincinnati Food Tours Team

Just as it takes a village to make Cincinnati a popular travel destination, it takes a team to make Cincinnati Food Tours. Over the last six years, we have gradually assembled some of the most knowledgeable, passionate, and fun food lovers in town. Here’s your chance to get to know us a little better. Read More »

A New Cincinnati Food Tour

The neighborhood north of Findlay Market was once home to those willing to take a chance, to step outside the city boundaries into an area historically known as the Northern Liberties. This territory of gamblers, drinkers, and risk-takers became the domain of beer barons, shopkeepers, and hard-working…

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The People Behind the Food: 5 Favorites for 2017

The end of another year. I sat down to think about how to tie it all together. Like everyone in the culinary world, I reflected on the new restaurants that opened this year. I thought about new dishes I tried. I wondered if I could come up with my own version of food predictions for…

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The Ultimate Cincinnati Food Gift

Are you looking for a special night out that is more than just your typical restaurant dinner? We recently designed a private tour for two that was essentially a progressive dinner through the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. It turned out even better than we expected so we’ve decided to add Private Tours for Two to our repertoire….

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12 Days of Holiday Giving from Our Cincinnati Food Tour Partners

In this world of too much “stuff,” many of us have shifted our holiday giving to experiences and edible gifts. To get you started on your shopping, we’ve come up with a list of gifts that are easy to pick up or order online from some of our food tour partners. These are items available…

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Take a Detour at Findlay Market

This post has been updated. The self-guided audio tour is no longer due to changes at Detour. Do you want to know more about Findlay Market but never seem to find a tour that fits your schedule? We’re proud to announce that we have produced a self-guided audio tour using the game-changing app called Detour….

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Why Food Tours Make the Best Group Outings

Group at Tafts2017.JPGHave you ever been stuck at a table next to that one person who just never stops talking? Or maybe you’ve had the exact opposite problem? You try to find something in common to talk about,…

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Main Street, OTR

Most visitors looking for a bite to eat in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood find themselves on Vine Street at one of the trendy restaurants or bars. We love Vine Street, but we also suggest you get off the beaten path. Today we explain why you should check out Main Street, just two short blocks to the…

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Signs of Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati!

In Boston, there are seven Starbucks and six Dunkin’ Donuts within a couple blocks of Boston Commons. You’ll find the golden arches of McDonald’s along the Freedom Trail. On the other hand, if you come to the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati looking for one of those familiar signs, you’re out of luck. No signs of coffee house chains…

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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of dining at Teller’s of Hyde Park. Our lives have been focused in Over-the-Rhine lately so an outing in Hyde Park was a bit out of the ordinary. After a remarkable meal with outstanding service, we proved to ourselves once again that it is worth the extra effort to step outside…

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