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Why Our Pendleton Tour May Be Just the Ticket for Winter

Looking for a cure for cabin fever or just an excuse to get out of the house this winter? Here are five reasons we think The All-American Food Tour in Pendleton may be…

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Best Cincinnati Gift Cards

I used to hate gift cards but not anymore. I thought gift cards were impersonal and the lazy way of giving. Over time, however, I’ve realized that a gift card that encourages a new experience can be a great way to bring friends and family together to make memories. Cincinnati offers a number of experiences…

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Summer in Cincinnati: 10 Things that Inspired Me

First, I need to come clean. I live in the suburbs. On a cul-de-sac. With a big yard and a gas grill on a wood deck. However, I spend about half my time in the heart of the city, in Downtown Cincinnati and in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. I go for work, but I also go…

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Sacred Beast Joins the OTR Lineup

I apologize for having a new favorite eatery every week or two, but that’s just the way things have been exploding in Over-the-Rhine. This week’s favorite is Sacred Beast at 1437 Vine Street, just south of Liberty….

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Taste the World of Mediterranean Foods

When I saw Aladdin’s Eatery was opening in Over-the-Rhine, I immediately thought a typical franchise restaurant was moving into the neighborhood. I couldn’t imagine it working out as a stop on my food tours because…

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Dear Cincinnati

Dear Cincinnati, I just want take my arms and wrap them around you. My lifelong friends came, saw, and conquered Cincinnati for the first time, and you couldn’t have made them feel more welcome. Three couples, empty nesters, reunited in an unfamiliar city for three days. None particularly tech-savvy. All card-carrying homebodies. What could go…

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What Makes a Good Food Tour Partner

We are fortunate to have more than fifty food tour partners who work with us. Having so many choices allows us to keep our tours fresh for both our guides and our guests. We can stay on the cutting edge when new businesses or food trends enter the market, and we don’t have to worry…

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Make Your Own Taco Tour

Cincinnati has a reputation for Greek-inspired chili and German-style beer. But did you know we’ve got Mexican food covered, too? In fact, you can treat yourself to a self-guided Taco Tour right along the Cincinnati Bell Connector Streetcar line. Believe it or not, there are nine along the line!   Start at historic Findlay Market,…

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Cincinnati Staycation on a Budget

Are you itching to take a vacation but just don’t have room in your budget to head out of town? You need a Cincinnati Staycation, and we’ve got some tips about how to enjoy the day for less than $25 per person. It’s the perfect cure for cabin fever. Park on the south side of…

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Meet the Cincinnati Food Tours Team

Just as it takes a village to make Cincinnati a popular travel destination, it takes a team to make Cincinnati Food Tours. Over the last six years, we have gradually assembled some of the most knowledgeable, passionate, and fun food lovers in town. Here’s your chance to get to know us a little better. Read More »

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