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Why Food Tours Make the Best Group Outings


Group at Tafts2017.JPGHave you ever been stuck at a table next to that one person who just never stops talking? Or maybe you’ve had the exact opposite problem? You try to find something in common to talk about, but nothing seems to break the ice. The conversation just won’t flow. We’ve been there so we know a food tour is a much better way to spend time with your group. Whether you are planning the company outing, a family reunion, a church group activity, or a gathering of friends and neighbors, here are the reasons you should consider a food tour:

1. Lots of opportunities to circulate. A food tour moves from stop to stop so you can talk with different people along the way.

2. Food is the universal language. It’s easy to talk about the restaurants and the samples.

3. Points of interest stimulate additional conversation along the way. Sharing memories and comparing past experiences occur naturally.

4. A food tour is a lot less expensive than other group outings where you may have to rent space, pay separately for meals and cocktails, or pay for transportation.

5. Food tours are fun! Time after time, we hear “Best group outing ever!”

GroupTour.JPGCincinnati Food Tours will gladly customize any of our tours to fit the needs, budget, and time restraints of your group. We have tours available at Findlay Market, throughout Over-the-Rhine, in Walnut Hills, along the Cincinnati Bell Connector, or in Downtown Cincinnati. Or choose our Combo Tour and get a taste of Findlay Market followed by a walk through Over-the-Rhine to Taft’s Ale House! Call Barb at 513-602-5602 to discuss your ideas.

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