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Sacred Beast Joins the OTR Lineup

I apologize for having a new favorite eatery every week or two, but that’s just the way things have been exploding in Over-the-Rhine. This week’s favorite is Sacred Beast at 1437 Vine Street, just south of Liberty. The reward for walking an extra block or two is some amazing food in a surprising space. With extended hours, a full bar, and an outdoor patio, what’s not to love about Sacred Beast?

After working together in the restaurant industry since their days at the Maisonette, owners Jeremy and Bridget Lieb are now “serving the food they want to eat.” Their motto, “Simple Food. Taken Seriously,” captures the attention to detail reflected not only on the menu, but also in the space itself. You can dine at the contemporary bar, in a cozy booth, at the counter by the open kitchen, or at a table in the rear of the historic part of the building. Whatever your mood and wherever you sit, you immediately notice the quality of the soundtrack playing in the background. It’s pure, it’s appropriate, and best of all, you can carry on a conversation at a normal level. Attention to detail. It’s everywhere. And Jeremy and Bridget are hustling around making sure everything is just right, greeting customers and overseeing the kitchen. A food tour’s dream!

But what about the food? Creative and delicious, to say the least. Have you ever had deviled eggs with pork rinds? Guests on a recent tour couldn’t get over how good these deviled eggs were. The burgers are hearty and juicy and among the best I’ve tasted. And finally, I’ve found schnitzel on a menu in Over-the-Rhine! Thank you, Jeremy. The Chicken Schnitzel was outstanding.

Look for Sacred Beast on our Signature Over-the-Rhine Tour soon. Too many good things happening here to keep it a secret.


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