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Make Your Own Taco Tour


Cincinnati has a reputation for Greek-inspired chili and German-style beer. But did you know we’ve got Mexican food covered, too? In fact, you can treat yourself to a self-guided Taco Tour right along the Cincinnati Bell Connector Streetcar line. Believe it or not, there are nine along the line!


Start at historic Findlay Market, where Mama Lo Hizo serves up a variety of Mexican foods from an indoor stall. Then hop on the Connector at the Findlay Market-Race Street Station. Ride one stop to Liberty and Race, and then walk a block south to B & A Street Kitchen. There you’ll enjoy tacos with a bit of a Southern twist. Back on the streetcar, relax and enjoy the scenery as you pass Washington Park and Music Hall on your way to the Aronoff Center Station at 7th and Walnut. You have a choice here. Walk north one block to the intersection of 8th and Walnut for authentic Mexican fare at Taqueria Mercado. Or head to the south, across the street from the Contemporary Arts Center, where Nada awaits. Eat, walk, repeat. Step back on the streetcar at 7th and Walnut, and ride to the station at The Banks. Get off and head toward Great American Ball Park. Turn right on Joe Nuxhall Way and walk one block to Condado Tacos. Here, you can make your own tacos and down a margarita too! Crawl back to the streetcar station and continue your ride to Taco Bell Cantina near the 6th and Main stop. Why would you want to go to a fast food taco restaurant? This one has booze! Once you’ve quenched your thirst, you’ll have to think about what day it is. If it’s Thursday and summer and approaching 7 pm, you might want to detour to Fountain Square for Salsa on the Square. Work up an appetite with a few hundred others as you perfect your dance steps. Then head back toward the streetcar stop at 6th and Main, but don’t get on quite yet. Continue walking, crawling, dancing (choose one) to Lalo at 709 Main. Described as Chino Latino, Lalo serves up an award-winning taco. Drag yourself back to the streetcar and cruise to 12th and Vine where it’s decision time again. Should you choose the walk-up taco window at Gomez Salsa or a sit-down experience at Bakersfield OTR? Both have other locations, but the Over-the-Rhine spots are the originals. You can’t go wrong with either.

If you truly care to try all nine tacos along the streetcar line, we don’t recommend a one day experience. Make it your summer challenge! Make it your own Taste of Cincinnati. Whether it’s tacos, burgers, empanadas, or sushi, Cincinnati has a lot to offer. Get out there! Eat, walk, repeat. Eat, ride, repeat.





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