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Inquiring Minds Love Churchill’s Teas

Wondering which of our stops inspires the most questions? It’s Churchill’s Fine Teas, without a doubt. Whether we’re served hot tea on a cold day or iced tea in the summer, the samples are always a welcome experience and never fail to generate a number of questions.

When our Taste the World at Findlay Market tours were started in 2012, I knew nothing about loose leaf tea. I, too, was intrigued by the flavors and curious to learn more about the differences between white, green, and black tea. I discovered a new world of blends, teapots, accessories, and preparation methods. Owners Jerry and Kathleen Kern have a delightful way of helping the uninitiated feel comfortable with the tea culture. It didn’t take long for me to appreciate not only the tastes, but also the health benefits of loose leaf tea.

As each tour heads for Churchill’s, I’ll often overhear someone say, “I don’t like tea.” After a taste of Hot Cincinnati Spice or Lemondrop, a brief explanation and a few questions, that same skeptic might be the one saying, “How late are you open? I’ll be back.”

Update: The Taste the World at Findlay Market Tour is now called The Original Findlay Market Tour.

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