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Our Newest Restaurant Partner – The Rook OTR

Zach Leopold, owner, The Rook OTR

The Rook OTR made its debut on our Signature Over-the-Rhine tour last week. Owner Zach Leopold was a gracious host and proud to introduce us to his new restaurant on Vine Street. His concept is to create a community space to bring people together over board games and party games, but also to serve fun food and plenty of drinks. One wall was entirely filled with board games, and even on a weekday afternoon, people were actively playing the games. It was great to see one couple taking turns holding a baby while playing Stratego, a couple of guys talking about Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, and a third group engaged in Catan. And Zach was more than willing to show a few games to the folks on our tour.

But, of course, we were at The Rook OTR as part of our food tour. The samples proved to be popular with everyone. We enjoyed the Pear Romaine Boats with Pecans and the Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Tots. Can’t wait to go back and try the sliders and hand stuffed pizza rolls!

Pear Romaine Boats with Pecans

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