Meet the Merchants

Owning a small business requires wearing lots of hats. One minute a restaurant owner might be decorating a cake and the next minute she might be talking to a tour group. Busy business owners aren't always available. But as these TripAdvisor reviewers explain, the moments when we actually get a chance to meet are the often the highlights of our tours. 

"Getting to learn about the history of the businesses from the owners is really special."

"You can truly see the pride each of these vendors has in what they are selling."

"Hearing the vendors' stories of how they started and why they stay was fascinating."

"It was wonderful meeting several of the vendors, hearing their stories, and tasting their food."

"I enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and interact with the owners."

"The owners are obviously passionate about what they do."

Jose' from Salazar

Jose' from Salazar

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