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Cincinnati’s Amazing Murals

a group of people walking down the streetIf you attending the most recent Blink Festival in Cincinnati, you know that our region is bursting with outdoor murals. Some of the community artwork is easily visible as you drive major streets like Central Parkway in Downtown Cincinnati. Other pieces are more subtle and encourage you to wander the alleys and side streets of neighborhoods like Pendleton and Walnut Hills.a group of people walking down a sidewalk

We have Artworks to thank for much of the development of our community-based public art. In the last 23 years, Artworks has spearheaded the installation of more than 200 outdoor murals throughout our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region. The non-profit hires professional artists to guide young people, ages 14-21, to not only beautify the community, but to also learn career-readiness skills.a large building in the background


In addition to supporting the mission of Artworks, the region hosts the Blink Festival every other year. This 4-day art, light, and projection mapping event brings in international and regional artists who design and create inspiring pieces to enrich our neighborhoods. Much of the art remains after Blink ends, brightening our neighborhoods long after the festival lights go out.

Cincinnati Food Tours is grateful to have such creativity in the community. We truly have art around every corner in Cincinnati, and we are proud to share it with our food tour guests.