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Signs of Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati!


In Boston, there are seven Starbucks and six Dunkin’ Donuts within a couple blocks of Boston Commons. You’ll find the golden arches of McDonald’s along the Freedom Trail. On the other hand, if you come to the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati looking for one of those familiar signs, you’re out of luck. No signs of coffee house chains or fast food franchises exist in Over-the-Rhine. Instead, the signs you’ll see in OTR reflect our German heritage and the history surrounding this revitalized area. You’ll see signs for trendy restaurants and shared workspaces. You’ll see signs reflecting the arts community and others emphasizing the diverse nature of the neighborhood. The signs symbolize how far this neighborhood has come in the last 200 years and point to a living, working community that knows no limits.

Each sign tells a story and is a piece of the fabric that binds this community together. Read the signs and you’ll understand that the past and the present get along quite well in Over-the-Rhine.

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